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Financial and TAX Services
Having a strong financial management system is critical for long term success.

Individual and Business Taxes


Financial Reporting

Budgeting and Forecasting

ADvisory SErvices

CFO Services


Tax Planning and Preparation

Filing tax returns is required for businesses and individuals.  It should not be a burden and cause anxiety.  Creating a plan and having your records organized will ensure the process is manageable. 

We will help you manage the process as we remain connected with you throughout the year as your business and tax advisor. 

Individual and Business INCOME Taxes

Our tax planning and preparation services will provide the following outcomes:

  • File income tax returns timely to avoid unnecessary penalties and tax liens
  • Tax planning and implementing strategies to create tax savings
  • Understanding and applying the tax laws to your advantage


Financial Reporting

Real time financial reporting is critical to making business decisions and maximizing cash flow.  Current technology and the appropriate accounting package offer businesses options that are affordable and effective whether the accounting functions are performed in-house or off-site.

“I value his strong sense of integrity and highly recommend Scott for transparent advice and overall trustworthy accounting services.”

Dr. Nilesh Kansangra
President and Founder of Main Street Dental


Budgeting and Forecasting

Everyone needs a plan.  Business owners have expectations. Management needs to understand the goals and targets to meet owners’ expectations. Employees need direction to carry out the business goals and objectives.

We have a proven track record to create and implement an effective budget and forecast model for your business.

Budgeting and Forecasting is the conductor which conveys the message to the management team and team members.

Businesses have employees and various components.  All employees and components need to move cohesively in an orchestrated fashion.

Budgeting and Forecasting allows businesses to compare monthly results to budgets and forecasts.

Management can effectively identify positive and negative trends and quickly implement appropriate corrective measures.

Budgeting and Forecasting improves cash flow and provides business owners opportunities to expand their business and plan for retirement.


Advisory Services for Start-Ups

Starting up a business requires countless hours and lots of energy from the owners. Creating a successful business requires a strong management team and professionals to advise on various business, financial and legal matters. We understand that financial resources may be limited during the early years. We are always accessible to answer your questions and advise in the decision-making process. We will not charge you for phone calls and correspondence. Our goal is to guide you from a start-up to a thriving successful ongoing business. Your success creates our success.

We can assist you in the following stages:

• Business plan • Financial forecasting and modeling • Type of entity formation and registration • Banking relationships and financing • Forming relationships with business partners

“Scott has tremendous knowledge of accounting, tax, AND business, and has the rare ability to put all of it together to help guide entrepreneurs and business owners to make sound and prosperous business decisions.”

Dr. Jay Greenstein
CEO and Founder of Kaizo Health Group


CFO Services

Having the expertise of an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) improves an organization’s financial management, improves cash flow and contributes to the leadership and future growth. Your business may benefit from CFO services on a contracted recurring basis, interim basis or a transitional basis. We are available to offer your business the benefits of a CFO.

CFO Services include:

• Managing the company’s finances • Improving profitability • Strategic planning

“Scott was the direct liaison with my business banker and realtor as we negotiated the successful purchase of additional real restate and helped us to secure additional funding to manage the change in workflow due to the current world affairs.”

Dr. Marcia B. Levi
CEO and Founder of Optimal Care and Optimal Oasis


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