CFO Services in Baltimore, MD | Scott Melcher

CFO Services in Baltimore, MD | Scott Melcher

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Our Baltimore CFO Services Include:

Financial Management

We help your business improve cash flow, increase borrowing power, and strengthen its balance sheet.

By working with us, you’ll see increased efficiencies in your accounting system and financial reporting.

Operations Optimization

Your operations are the heart of your business. 

It’s the reason you’re even in business, which is why optimizing your internal operations is crucial for profitability and growth.

Here at Scott Melcher CPA, we’ve been proven to improve efficiency and reduce your everyday operations costs. 

This is especially true when it comes to improving your employee and customer retention rate by bettering employee morale and increasing customer satisfaction.

Strategic Planning

Your business needs a plan.

It has been proven that having a plan for your business increases the chance of growth by over 30%.

And that’s why we specialize in helping you define your long & short-term goals. Then, we develop a custom plan that you can implement immediately.


Leveraging credit and debt to your advantage can bring on new opportunities for your business.

We’ll prepare financial packages for you to secure debt financing at optimal terms.

Who We’re a Perfect Match for:

If you own a privately owned business or startup, we can help.

We have experience in helping professional service-based companies such as physicians, manufacturers,  lawyers, consultants, dentists, and trade services.

Why You Should Work with Scott Melcher…

Scott Melcher has a total of over 30 years in tax, business advisory, and business management services.

  • 16 years as a partner for a national CPA firm
  • 16 years as a CFO for a multi-million-dollar privately owned business 

As a CFO, Scott helped achieve 20% growth over 3 years and diminished operating expenditures by $1.6 million. 

It was all achieved through negotiating higher contract rates, improving automation, optimizing workflow efficiencies, and obtaining new financing arrangements for equipment replacement and expansion.

Scott also has further expertise with:

  • Submitting PPP loan forgiveness applications that ended in complete forgiveness.
  • Developing financial packages to obtain advantageous financing for commercial real estate.
  • Precisely filing 6 years of backed-up business and personal tax returns for a client.

Testimonials from Our Elite Clients…

“His work extended to the financial review of all of my business contracts as well as our annual budgets with a strong system for regular reviews.”

“I am very happy with him, and my companies are financially healthier for working with Scott.”

“…and set up a comprehensive accounting system to meet my daily needs. His work extended to the financial review of all of my business contracts as well as our annual budgets with a strong system for regular reviews.”

– Dr. Marcia B. Levi
CEO and Founder of Optimal Care & Optimal Oasis

“Scott has the rare ability to put it all together to help guide entrepreneurs and business owners to make sound and prosperous business decisions.”

Dr. Jay Greenstein
CEO and Founder of Kaizo Health Group

“He created financial stability to my practice through timely financial reporting and analysis. This allowed us to make informed business decisions and strategically plan for future growth and expansion. Our profitability and cash flow significantly improved through planning, growth initiatives, and cost costing.”

Dr. Joseph P. Finizio
Former CEO and Founder of Radiology Imaging Associates 

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FAQ: Answers to Common CFO Questions

How can a CFO help my business?

A CFO acts as a financial advisor and is responsible for a company’s financial management and stability.

Their priority is to identify opportunities to improve profitability, improve cash flow, and reduce costs.

Your CFO will assist you with the strategic planning and future growth of your company.

When does my business need CFO services?

Investing in a CFO is probably a great idea if:

  • You’re looking to expand your business and take it to the next level.
  • You’re looking to sell or purchase a business.
  • An owner is missing the necessary financial information to make sound decisions.
  • Your business is struggling and needs help turning things around.

How does my business contract for CFO services?

Contracting out a CFO can be easy.

Much of the time, you can contract with a CFO for a number of hours or days every month.

You can schedule a CFO to be onsite to help optimize your company’s effectiveness. But the CFO should still be accessible when not scheduled to work onsite.